Informacion en Espanol

Free and confidential services to victims and their children including:

  • 24-hour Residential Shelter & Transitional Housing
  • Emergency Shelter
  • 24-hour Hotline
  • Court Advocacy
  • Crisis Intervention and Advocacy
  • Risk Assessment and Safety Planning
  • Cell Phones
  • Support/Education Groups for Women
  • Groups for Children called Forgotten Victims
  • Groups for Teen Girls
  • Spanish Language and Culturally Relevant Services

Intervention Services

  • Certified Batterer Intervention Program: Fresh Start for Men and Fresh Start for Women (fee for service)
  • Groups for Teen Guys (fee for service)

Awareness and Community Involvement

  • Volunteer Program
  • Community Education or Training
  • Educational School Programs on Dating Violence Dangers
  • Used Cell Phone Drive- a collection to distribute 911 phones to survivors
  • Empty Bowl Fundraising Event (Held in January)
  • Annual Golf Tournament (Held in October)
  • Candlelight Vigil as part of October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • The Bathrooms Project- awareness posters in bathrooms with hotline number tear off cards
  • The Clothesline Project- an exhibit of t-shirts telling personal stories of violence against women displayed on a clothesline. The t-shirts serve as an artist’s canvas and are pieces of art created by survivors.